tiramisu-17 (2)


York 12

Sugar 13 oz

Strong Brewed Coffee 1/4 Cup

Mascarpone Cheese  SOFTENED 1 LB

Cream Cheese  SOFTENED 1lb

Heavy Cream 32 oz

Vanilla Extract  1Teaspoon

Tiramisu Direction

  1. Combine Yorks , Sugar and Liqueur Over a Simmering Water Bath whip Till Thick and Light, and 140F Reached.
  2. Remove and Whip Till Cool Over an ice Water bath.
  3. Fold -in  Mascarpone Cheese  Then cream Cheese.
  4. Whip the Heavy Cream to Soft Peaks. and Add Vanilla Fold-into above.
  5. Place a Layer of Lady Fingers at the  Bottom of a Pan
  6. Brush the Ladyfingers with coffee Syrup. Top with the Tiramisu Mixture .
  7. Top with Ladyfingers, Brush with Coffee Syrup Tiramisu Mixture.
  8. Refrigerate Till Set. Top with Cocoa Powder.


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