Salt Dough

6 Ounce Water ( warm)

8 Ounce Salt

8 Ounce Flour

4 Ounce Cornstarch

Salt Dough Direction

1. Blend together the warm water and salt and stir for 10 minutes.

2. Using a kitchen aid mixer with a dough hook attachment slowly add cornstarch mixture until a work able dough is formed .mix on low speed for 12 minutes adjust consistency by adding a little more wteror floour umtil the final dough has reached a smooth pliable consistency.

3. Store the dough in on air tight Ziploc bay.

4. If desired,you may color youvdough with food coloring or other food products.

5. Build you showpiece on parchment or aluminun foil and place on a sheetpan dy you pices in an ovenset at 250F this drying process should take 3-5 hrs dont  rush it by raisng the temperal.

6.Seal your finished pieces peces with marzip an lo   if desired.

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