Hazelnut Souffle

All purpose flour 2 Lb

Hazelnut Ground 1 1/4 LB

Butter  LB

Milk 4 LB

Egg York 1 Gal

Egg White  1 Gal

Sugar 5 LBs

Cornstarch 10 oz

Direction Souffle

  1. Mix in the mixing bowl flour and hazelnut
  2. Boil the milk
  3. pour the flour mix into throat milk and cook it for 5 minutes
  4. Take it out and transfer it to a large mixing bowl and mix it on a low speed for a least 5 minutes
  5. Add little by the egg yolk
  6. Then divide in 4 equal buckets
  7. For each bucket whip to a nice meringue 1 gal egg white 5 LBs sugar / 10 oz cornstarch
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